Debbie D.

Can't tell you how pleased we are with MaryKate's beautiful smile. I also want to thank you for working with MaryKate's crazy schedule. Thank you for working magic on MaryKate and Zeke's teeth!!

Sherri H.

My family has used Dr. Kierl for 3 sets of braces. Dr. Kierl's staff was always very accommodating when scheduling appointments and they were always very friendly. I was a surgery patient and Dr. Kierl worked with my surgeon prior to surgery and after my surgery. The communication between myself, my surgeon and Dr. Kierl's office was wonderful. All of us were at ease during our treatments knowing exactly what was going on. Dr. Kierl's staff has been with him for a while and it was nice seeing the same faces each time we were in the office. I recommend Dr. Kierl for your orthodontic care. He cares about his patients and the community he works in.

Cindy and Abbey S.

Dr. Kierl and his staff are amazing, thorough and extremely professional. We did not expect the braces to come off for 2-3 months but at our last appointment, the week before Christmas - Abbey came through the door with a BIG BEAUTIFUL smile. Dr. Kierl gave her the best Christmas/Graduation gift ever! Thanks for everything - YOU ARE THE BEST!

Peggy N.

Dr. Kierl is about to begin orthodontic treatment on our eight child. The older seven are all former patients and are walking testimonials of Dr. Kierl's skills and perfectionism. Recently, our new son-in-law used Dr. Kierl to remedy a long-time dental problem and achieved outstanding results. I would heartily recommend Mike Kierl to anyone seeking orthodontics.

Kathryn R.

All three of my boys received treatment from Dr. Kierl, and I highly recommend him. He is knowledgeable, meticulous, and relates well to kids. In addition, his staff is well trained and friendly. A beautiful smile! Kathryn-R-sons